When all seems lost, how far will one man go to save his family?  Will a closet tryst and red convertible be enough?  Yes, rehearsal is far too fun with our smart and mischievous cast for First Born.  Frank is a family man trying to do right by his wife Janet, a successful dentist.  Meanwhile…Darla, their daughter, is dying for a driving lesson.  Georgia, the dental office admin, is determined to spice up the office.  And Patrick, the dental apprentice, is out to change the world with holistic mouth care.

First Born opens in September with the 2012 Seattle Fringe Festival, and we’re thrilled that the Fringe has returned to the Capitol Hill neighborhood for 5 festive days of performing arts.

Look for us at Odd Duck Studio on Sept. 19, 21, 22 and 23.  Learn more and LIKE our Facebook page to follow the progress, view photos and learn what our cast of characters is up to.


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