Annex Theatre Presents…

When Annex Theatre and Rain City Projects invited 3 playwrights and 3 directors to meet the beginning of January — the result is the creation of 3 new One Act plays performed in Second Date. Second Date will run: Tuesday and Wednesday nights at 8pm Tues, Jan 29 – Wed, Feb 13. Annex Theatre – 1100 E. Pike Street, Seattle (in […]

SnowGlobed – a theater event for the holidays

Join us this Friday, Dec 21 for SnowGlobed! Presented by Seattle Playwrights’ Collective. An evening of holiday inspired scenes & spectacles, created by a collection of Seattle artists from throughout our incredible Puget Sound community. Come get your holiday cheer on with our second annual evening of holiday artistic adventures. Among the entertainment for the […]

World Premiere of First Born in the Seattle Fringe Festival

First Born opens next Wed, Sept 19 with the Seattle Fringe Festival.  As a cast & crew, we’re excited & ready.  We hope to see you in the audience! 

A world premiere play where heartbreak comes with a sense of humor.

Life and death comes down to a game of rock, paper, scissors.  For years, Frank’s fateful win haunts his marriage to Janet.  Desperate to rekindle the flame, he takes love advice from their daughter, his wife’s assistant and a car salesman.  Will a closet tryst and red convertible be enough to save this marriage?  

  • Wed, Sept 19 at 7:30pm
  • Fri, Sept 21 at 6:00pm 
  • Sat, Sept 22 at 3:30pm
  • Sun, Sept 23 at 1:00pm

Tickets $10.  Purchase tickets online or pursue the Fringe schedule of shows here: 

Follow the progress, view photos & learn more at

Rehearsal for First Born

When all seems lost, how far will one man go to save his family?  Will a closet tryst and red convertible be enough?  Yes, rehearsal is far too fun with our smart and mischievous cast for First Born.  Frank is a family man trying to do right by his wife Janet, a successful dentist.  Meanwhile…Darla, their daughter, is dying […]

2012 Arts Crush Featured Event in October

Save the date: Sunday, Oct 21 for the reading of Tracy Vicory-Rosenquest’s new play SHARK.

In collaboration with Circle of Friends for Mental Health, we are hosting a reading of SHARK to 

This is a story about a woman who is misunderstood.  Her name is Shark.  Like the animal, the community around her agrees that she is volatile and dangerous.  Recently released from a mental institution after being convicted of murder, Shark’s reputation appears full-proof.  We witness this story through the eyes of Kennedy, an unemployed journalist, who rebels against the community’s view of Shark.  Kennedy’s attraction to Shark quickly turns into a mission to redeem her reputation, but Kennedy’s efforts are constantly interrupted by her brother, Mack.  While Mack attempts to use his power as a cop to get rid of Shark and protect his sister, the real truth of Shark’s story unravels.