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Playwright & Screenwriter

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Tracy Vicory-Rosenquest is a playwright, screenwriter, educator, entrepreneur, and mother living in Plattsburgh, NY. Her plays have been on stage in Minneapolis, Montreal, Seattle, and Plattsburgh. Her work has been performed with the SUNY Plattsburgh Theatre Department, Annex Theatre, Eclectic Theatre, Live Girls! Theater, Macha Monkey Productions, Pacific Play Company, Richard Hugo House, Seattle Playwrights’ Collective, Minnesota & Seattle Fringe Festivals, and The School yard. 

Her recent screenplay, Avec Son Pinceau  (With Her Paintbrush), was commissioned by Ita Bullard and is currently in pre-production. Her play SHARK was a finalist in Fusion Theater Company’s 8th Annual New Works Festival. Tracy’s book, After The Question, was published in 2014 as a companion book to ONE, an award-winning documentary produced by Heartland Films.

Tracy received her M.F.A in Creative Writing from Goddard College and has trained as a teaching artist with ACT Theatre, Arts for Equity Institute with the Flynn Center for Performing Arts & The Clemmons Family Farm, Seattle Arts & Lectures, Washington State Art Commission’s Teaching Artist Training Lab, and more. Tracy has taught across the country with ACT Theatres’ Young Playwrights Program, Clinton Community College, Flynn Center for the Performing Arts, Seattle Arts & Lecture’s Writers in the Schools, SUNY Plattsburgh, and many others.

Plays and Screenplays

Avec Son Pinceau (With Her Paintbrush), Screenplay
2019 Pre-Production
2018 Commissioned by Ita Bullard

First Born, One Act Play
2016 Production with SUNY Theater Dept, SUNY Plattsburgh
2012 Production with Seattle Fringe Festival, Odd Duck Studio
2012 Excerpt Reading with Macha Monkey Productions’ MEOW Cabaret

Yoshi’s Choice, A Short Play
2013 Production with The Schoolyard, 8-Bit Theatre Festival

Sketch, One Act Play
2013 Production with Annex Theatre and Rain City Projects

Conception, A Short Play
2013 Production with Eclectic Theater, One Act Play Festival
2012 Production with Pacific Play Company, Annex Theatre

A History Of, A Short Play
2012 Reading with Layer Cake Workshop, Live Girls! Theater

SHARK, A Short Play
2012 Reading with Rovin Productions and Circle of Friends for Mental Health
2012 Finalist in FUSION Theater Company’s New Works Festival
2012 Reading with Goddard’s Reading Series at Richard Hugo House

Lorry & Lady, A Short Play
2012 Reading at The Medicine Ball with Pacific Play Company

A Brewed Awakening, One Act Play
2006 Production with Minnesota Fringe Festival

Trip Open, One Act Play
2005 Production with Minnesota Fringe Festival

All I Ever Wanted, Full Length
2011 Production, Fearless Theatre Company, Theatre Puget Sound
2010 Finalist in Off Broadway! Playwright Competition
2010 Reading with Seattle Playwrights’ Collective, Do North Theater

In My Room, A Short Play
2012 Reading with WITS’ Reading Series at Richard Hugo House
2011 Reading with Macha Monkey Productions’ MEOW Cabaret

Writing Services

Playwright & Screenwriter

As a playwright and screenwriter, I can:

  • Write your personal story as a screenplay or play
  • Turn your story idea into an original work
  • Offer one of my original plays or screenplays for your play festival, theater company, or your next film production. 


As your writing instructor, I can offer:

  • Workshops or classes for your classroom of any group of students in the key elements of writing a story including developing structure, characters, conflict, setting, and more. 
  • Workshops for students in the craft of playwriting or screenwriting

Writing Coach

As your writing coach, I can:

  • Work with you to start your next creative project. 
  • Give you clear feedback on what’s next to revise and edit.
  • Advise you to develop key elements of your story.
  • Coach you in going beyond where you are stuck.
  • Keep you on track to finish what you’ve started.

Freelance Writer

As your content writer, I can:

  • Develop content for your website. 
  • Write regular blog posts or articles for your newsletter.
  • Create social media content. 
  • Discuss other writing projects that you have in mind for your business.


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